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Over The Long Run Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Are Economical Homes that have been designed properly and have air conditioning systems installed have increased comfort levels. There are many different methods that can be used to achieve this. The specific one that is best suited for your house may depend on your geographical area's climatic conditions, the insulation and structure in your house, the space or volume that you need to air condition, operating costs and your budget. A ducted air conditioner system is able to cool all of a home's rooms with one installed machine. With this type of system, there will be a centrally located unit that generates and distributes cold air via a ducts system that reaches into all areas of the home. There is also the possibility of using the same system to heat the house as well. The air conditioning equipment can be placed on the roof, in basements, in ceilings or any space external to the house. Other types of systems rarely are able to match the features that a ducted air conditioning system provides. This type of system is able to cool every part of a house, and you can make sure that the temperatures are stable and consistent. Your house can be cold at all times, no matter which part you are occupying. Your energy consumption can also be reduced through zoning your air conditioning system to only cool the rooms that are currently occupied. If an inverter is provided along with this type of air conditioner, it makes it even more efficient. An air conditioner's main power consumption is initiated from the starting current imposed by the compressor, which may be seven or eight times what the running load is. The air conditioner may switch on and off, which will depend on the specific thermostat control. This can cause the electricity consumption to surge. Having an inverter helps to ensure that no stopping or starting occurs and that the machines run at different speeds constantly as the thermostat controls require. Ducted air conditioning systems offers anther great advantage that makes it possible for it to claim to be the best type of air conditioning, which is that they are totally unobtrusive. The grills that are over the ducts leading into the room are the only parts of the system you will see from the room that you happen to be in. There will be two grills in most rooms, one bringing cool air in and the other one evacuating hot air back into the atmosphere or machine via return air ducts. The system's ducts my be placed at floor level, in walls or in ceilings. If you would like your ducted air conditioner installation to be inexpensive in the long run, it is very important to have professionals properly design the entire system. Those individuals will come out to your home to determine the total air volume that will need to be conditioned. In addition, they will pay close attention to the orientation of the windows in relation to the sun. Walls with sun exposure can impose a greater load on an air conditioner. It is also possible to increase the economy of this kind of installation by making use of sun control measures such as sunshades over windows or film on glass, reducing the volume through having lower ceilings, and providing better insulation. Having shade trees can significantly reduce the load on your air conditioning system. The suggested vents and ducting might be suited for all rooms in your home. A ducted air conditioning system's initial installation can be expensive and also required extensive modifications to a house. There have been developments in technology so that ducts are made out of fiberglass as well as presentable shapes that make it possible for ducting to stay exposed and be part of a home's decor. Cool air is distributed all over the house by this type of air conditioning system in a more efficient manner than split systems, wall units or window units. When you are wanting to cool several rooms at the same time, it is very cost effective. Reduced noise levels is another big advantage to using this kind of system. Window air conditioners, on the other hand, can be very distracting. Whenever you walk into any space or home with a ducted air conditioning system, the only way to notice it being air conditioned, is feeling the temperature difference. When the air conditioning equipment is located away from the living area, it is less inconvenient and easier to maintain for homeowners. Ducted air conditioning systems are well suited for shopping and commercial areas as well as properties such as offices and hotels. A majority of ducted systems have ducts that are mounted in the upper parts of walls, since cooler air is denser. This sets convection currents up to allow for cold air to circulate. The process reduces the need for having energy to keep the air circulated, which makes ducted air conditioning systems environmentally friendly. In addition, a ducted system can be designed in such a way to get rid of any warm spots in a room. When the system is designed properly it helps to ensure that these spots are not created within cooled areas. You can split a ducted system into zones, with each zone having its own individual temperature setting, depending on who uses the space. It provides a very energy efficient system for delivering cooled air that significantly reduces the amount of energy needed for cooling. The cooled air is produced by the outdoor compressor and moves the air into the fans that are inside the ducts which conduct the conditioned air. The air moves into the return ducts as it warms up, which makes it possible to remove the heat. A majority of return air grills also have filters for removing all dust and other kinds of allergens out of the air, to make it safe. Having these filters cleaned on a regular basis is essential. Air conditioning systems all need to have regular maintenance performed on them, particularly if constant service is required from them. This is required in ducted systems more, since in addition to maintaining the fans and compressors, it is also needed for paying attention to the filters, grills, ducts and other parts. The ducts also need to be designed so that there is never any air condensation in the ducts. This can occur when there are stagnant or improper air levels. That results in dump conditions, which can cause mildew and mold to form, which can end up being hazardous to your health. It is always a good idea to have professionals inspect the entire system and have any necessary maintenance work performed. Once ducting layouts have been put into place, they can be used for many years, as long as enough care is taken to ensure that they get cleaned on a regular basis. Even if air conditioning equipment comes to the end of its lifespan, or it becomes necessary to replace it with a new and more energy efficient model, you can still use the same ducting that is still in place. You also need to constantly inspect and renew duct insulation any time you see any defects. Insulation helps to cut energy losses as well. It is best to have professionals design and install ducted air conditioning. Having the same team perform any maintenance requirements in the future is very helpful, since the need for replacements or spare parts will tend to be a lot easier. Choose an equipment brand from a reputable manufacturer. That will help to ensure that your technical resources have the right backup in the event that becomes necessary. Using this type of system will result in your home being much more comfortable and quieter. Your budget might need to be adjusted, however combining this type of system with window air conditioners in areas that are not used very often is possible.